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Faculty of Brain Sciences celebrates 2022 graduates

7 July 2022

Postgraduate students from every Institute and Division within the Faculty of Brain Sciences are graduating this week.

ucl graduation ceremony

UCL’s graduation ceremonies provide a special opportunity to celebrate the hard work and achievements of our students.

Graduates from the Queen Square Institute of Neurology, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences, Ear Institute, Institute of Ophthalmology, Division of Psychiatry and Institute of Prion Diseases are graduating this week.

In his message to graduates at today’s ceremony, Faculty Dean Professor Alan Thompson said:

“As students of UCL, you have been at the very heart of the university, building the vibrant community that makes us one of the world’s leading powerhouses of knowledge and innovation. As alumni, you will continue to shape our vision for the future as you embark on the next exciting stage of your careers.”

Professor Thompson also highlighted some of the key developments we are planning over the next few years, including the construction of a new centre for excellence in neuroscience and the construction of a new co-located site for eye research, education and care in partnership with Moorfields Eye Hospital.   

ucl graduates

Dr Ivanna Pavisic, who graduated with a Doctorate of Philosophy in Neuropsychology and Neuroscience, said of today’s ceremony: “I really enjoyed the different aspects of the ceremony such as hearing the stories of past alumni and other graduates. I thought it was very inclusive in many ways, and I liked that the focus was not only on the present but on the future too.”

Other students spoke warmly about their time at UCL in general:

Dr Akshay Nair, who graduated with a PhD in Computational Neuropsychiatry at Queen Square Institute of Neurology, said: “What I’ve enjoyed most about UCL is the community. I’ve made some great friends here and the academics are obviously brilliant – but the most important thing is that they’re very keen to collaborate, so I think the academic community at UCL is amazing.”

Dr Charlie Cole, who graduated with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, said: “The best thing about doing this course at UCL was getting the opportunity to learn from my peers and my fellow trainees and the excellent staff within the Division.”

Photos: Professsor Alan Thompson congratulates students at today's graduation ceremony; graduates Dr Ivanna Pavisic, Dr Akshay Nair and Dr Charlie Cole