Brain Sciences


Dean’s List of top performing students for 2020/21 is announced

9 February 2022

Every year the Dean recognises the top students, in terms of academic performance, from across the Faculty.

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This year it was awarded to students that achieved a minimum final average of 74% as well as achieving a minimum of 74% in their research project/dissertation.

Professor Alan Thompson, 
Dean of the Faculty of Brain Sciences, said: "I am so pleased to see our students maintaining such a high standard across our Faculty. Congratulations to all on these fantastic results."

The Faculty of Brain Sciences aims to prepare its students to go on to become world leaders in their fields, and it is a fantastic achievement to feature on this list. Congratulations to all of you.

UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology

Programme TitleStudent
MSc Brain and Mind SciencesLayla Ibrahim
MSc Brain and Mind SciencesGrace Bugden
MSc Brain and Mind SciencesSylvia Blackmore
MResTranslational NeuroscienceDaniel Hall
MResTranslational NeuroscienceSze Kei Liu
MResTranslational NeuroscienceWeining Lin
MResTranslational NeuroscienceRebecca Simkin
MResTranslational NeuroscienceSophie Field
MResTranslational NeurosciencePhilippa Nunn
MResTranslational NeuroscienceHanna Hakansson
MSc Clinical NeurologyAkrem Shueb
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceChristos Chimonides
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceSibel Huet
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceChloe Mayhead
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceKirsten Pearce
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceJessica Rapley
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceNoah Lorenz Shapiro
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceRahul Sidhu
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceSimran Singh
Msc Clinical Neuroscience: StrokeCatriona Stewart
MRes Neuromuscular DiseaseWenanlan Jin
Dementia: Causes, Treatments and Research (Neuroscience) MScZarah Haniff
MRes Advanced NeuroimagingChris Taylor
MSc Advanced NeuroimagingChristian Hasenzagl
MSc Advanced NeuroimagingJordan Colman

Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience

Programme TitleStudent
MSc Cognitive NeurosciencePavan Bains
MSc Cognitive NeuroscienceConstance Destais
MSc Cognitive NeuroscienceLucy Dowdall
MSc Cognitive NeuroscienceEmma Garling
MSc Cognitive NeuroscienceYeuk Ching Lam
MSc Cognitive NeuroscienceJemima Shickle
MSc Cognitive NeuroscienceNikolas Heim
MRes Cognitive NeuroscienceRowan Board
MRes Cognitive NeuroscienceBenedict Greenwood
MRes Cognitive NeuroscienceWilson Lim
MRes Cognitive NeuroscienceCarl Lindersson
MRes Cognitive NeuroscienceRuotong  Liu
MRes Cognitive NeuroscienceMarina Rodriguez Lopez
MRes Cognitive NeuroscienceAnna Alessandra Yu

Institute of Ophthalmology

Programme TitleStudent
MSc OphthalmologyIoannis Dimitrakakis
MSc OphthalmologyThilanka Adikari Mudiyanselage
MSc Advanced Clinical Optometry and OphthalmologyAndrew Coates

Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Programme TitleStudent
MSc Speech and Language SciencesEleanor Sharpe
MSc Speech and Language SciencesKerri Ichikowitz
MSc Speech and Language SciencesChristina Cameron
MSc Speech and Language SciencesHeideh Aghajanzadeh-Langeroudi
MSc Speech and Language SciencesElla Gregory
MSc Speech and Language SciencesRosie Morris
MSc Speech and Language SciencesLauren Lofthouse
MSc Speech and Language SciencesEmily Bullman
MSc Speech and Language SciencesNadia Tetrault
MSc Speech and Language SciencesRachel Cooke
MSc Speech and Language SciencesPoppy Young
MSc Speech and Language SciencesChristina Ashworth
MSc Cognitve and Decision SciencesGaia Molinaro
MSc Cognitve and Decision SciencesZakir Hussain
MSc Cognitve and Decision SciencesElisa Paka
MSc Cognitve and Decision SciencesWilliam Bhot
MSc Cognitve and Decision SciencesAmber Duettmann
MSc Cognitve and Decision SciencesElizabeth Mohr
MSc Cognitive and Decision SciencesZoe Horlacher
MSc Social CognitionManon Michelotti
MSc Social CognitionJakub Szymanowski
MSc Social CognitionLiwen Guo
MSc Human-Computer InteractionEmma Holliday
MSc Human-Computer InteractionAnahita Hedayati
MSc Human-Computer InteractionAleksander Lagowski
MSc Human-Computer InteractionHan Loong Low
MSc Human-Computer InteractionNaveed Janmohamed
MSc Human-Computer InteractionAnn Tran
MSc Human-Computer InteractionEric Tan
MSc Human-Computer InteractionClara Moge
MSc Human-Computer InteractionRebecca Mccallum
MSc Human-Computer InteractionJulia Someya
MSc Human-Computer InteractionAdel Kalman
MSc Human-Computer InteractionAdam Oshan
MSc Human-Computer InteractionAnna Lindner
MSc Human-Computer InteractionJingxiu Cheng
MSc Human-Computer InteractionSarah Chamberlain
MSc Human-Computer InteractionYimin Li
MSc Human-Computer InteractionAmelia Ellis
MSc Human-Computer InteractionZiqi Lin
MSc Human-Computer InteractionZhiling Zhong
MSc Human-Computer InteractionDeepa Mangrati
MRes Applied Research in Human Communication DisordersRhiannon Halfpenny
MRes Applied Research in Human Communication DisordersSarah Oudet
MA LinguisticsMatthew Sandys
MA LinguisticsThanos Iliadis
MA LinguisticsSarah Grabiner
MA LinguisticsYizhen Jiang
MA LinguisticsYu Lan
MA LinguisticsLijing Lin
MSc Developmental Psychology and Clinical PracticeAnna Kristen
MSc Developmental Psychology and Clinical PracticeBrenda Guerrero-Tates
MSc Developmental Psychology and Clinical PracticeSarah Sweet
MSc Developmental Psychology and Clinical PracticeAlisha Mehta
MSc Developmental Psychology and Clinical PracticeAlanah Bagwell
MSc Developmental Psychology and Clinical PracticeSwastika Mohan
MSc Psychoanalytic Developmental PsychologyClara Chiang
MSc Psychoanalytic Developmental PsychologyAlejandra Arellano Zubiate
MSc Psychoanalytic Developmental PsychologyFrancesca Di Lorenzo
MRes Developmental Neuroscience and PsychopathologyDaniel Mcglade
MRes Developmental Neuroscience and PsychopathologySilvia Gini
MRes Developmental Neuroscience and PsychopathologyBianca Serio
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business PsychologyMorven Whalley
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business PsychologyHannah Kellermeier
MSc Psychological SciencesOana Puicar
MSc Psychological SciencesBryony Ishihara
MSc Psychological SciencesTaru Tiilila
MSc Psychological SciencesTanith Archibald
MSc Psychological SciencesHannah Chapman
MSc Psychological SciencesCeline El Baou
MSc Psychological SciencesTamsin Greene Barker
MSc Psychological SciencesJames Mackenzie
MSc Psychological SciencesChristopher Edwards
MSc Psychological SciencesSelina Koberl
MSc Psychological SciencesCatherine Sims Witherspoon
MSc Language Sciences (Language Development)Cecile Manon Coline Larralde
MSc Language Sciences (Neuroscience, Language and Communication)Louise Wong
Msc Language Sciences (Neuroscience, Language and Communication)Gal Rozic
MSc Language Sciences (Neuroscience, Language and Communication)Pamela Yen Shi Oh 
MSc Language Sciences (Speech Sciences)Rongru Chen
MRes Speech, Language and CognitionBegona Antonia Pericas  Herrero
MSc Theoretical Psychoanalytic StudiesAstrid Zong
MSc Theoretical Psychoanalytic StudiesTobias Jenkins
MSc Theoretical Psychoanalytic StudiesZara Haghpanah-Shirwan
MSc Behaviour ChangeLisa Zhang
MSc Behaviour ChangeMarta Campagnola
MSc Behaviour ChangeRachel Perowne

Division of Psychiatry

Programme TitleStudent
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesSharon Eager
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesTasnim Uddin
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesLouise Nolan
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesAndie Ashdown
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesHazel Greer
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesSara El Miniawi
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesFrank Chen
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesFrancesca Conti
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesAlice Palmer
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesTala Koren
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesPanagiotis Katakis
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesYik Long Tai
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesElla Mather
MSc Clinical Mental Health SciencesTheofanis Kyriacou
MSc Mental Health Sciences ResearchKatherine Adlington
MRes Brain SciencesAlexander Martin