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Wellcome centre launches new mentorship programme with In2science

11 August 2020

The Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging (WCHN) embarks on a new partnership with In2science, launching its pilot mentorship programme for PhD students.

in2science students in the lab

The new one-year programme entitled In2research alumni of In2science’s current placement programme who are looking to further develop their careers in academia by pursuing a PhD.

It has been developed as a way to break down the barriers that many young people from disadvantaged backgrounds currently face in progressing onto PhDs and careers in academia. For instance, obtaining a PhD is often limited to those who can fund their own Master’s degree.

The In2research hopes to help address these barriers by providing crucial experience and expert support and guidance from mentors. The programme, commencing in October 2020, will provide In2scienceUK alumni with the opportunity to pair up with mentors from WCHN.

The mentors cover a wide range of expertise across science, technology, engineering and medical fields and will include Biologists, Neuroscientists, Physicists, Computer/Data Scientists, Engineers, Medical Clinicians, and Research Assistants.

Over the academic year, mentors will host eight sessions with their mentees, using In2science’s established online platform. Students will also attend two away days which will include talks from keynote speakers, and will focus on building confidence and leadership skills.

Throughout the programme, researchers will share their expertise, passion and knowledge of working within scientific careers, with the aim of building the mentees’ communication skills and confidence within scientific environments.

Cassandra Hugill, Public Engagement Manager at the WCHN said: “We are excited to be working with the In2science team to help to break down the numerous barriers that the brilliant and passionate In2science alumni students may face when pursuing a career in academia. Through the In2research programme, we hope to be able to help to diversify research, while learning how to be more inclusive in what we do and how we do it.”

Cathy Price, Director of the WCHN added: “We are delighted to be embarking on this new partnership with In2science. The In2research programme will be an exciting new opportunity to engage and empower the next generation of researchers, while also helping to diversify and progress research culture.”

WCHN has collaborated with In2science since 2018, hosting six students over two-week internships each summer. This includes two lab placements and four development days including a final presentation by the students conveying what they had learnt during their time with the Centre.