Brain Sciences


Senior Academic, Research and Teaching Fellow promotions announced for 2018-19

8 July 2019

Congratulations to the 35 Faculty staff members on being selected for a promotion in this year's promotion round.


Every year, UCL recognises and rewards the outstanding achievements of non-professorial academic staff through an annual promotions cycle. Promotions are awarded to staff showing exceptional talent and commitment to UCL's mission.

We now have 20 new Professors, 9 new Associate {rofessors, five new Principal Research Fellows and 1 new Principal Teaching Fellow. The success of our staff represents the huge amount of talent they share and their commitment to furthering the field of brain sciences. 

The Dean, Professor Alan Thompson commented:

"Huge congratulations to all our colleagues who have been promoted – a great achievement and thoroughly well deserved."


NameDepartmentPromoted to
Dr Parashkev NachevBrain Repair and RehabilitationProfessor of Neurology
Dr Rohan De SilvaClinical and Movement NeuroSciencesProfessor of Molecular Neuroscience
Dr Jessica DeightonClinical, Education and Health PsychologyProfessor in Child Mental Health and Wellbeing
Dr Aikaterini FotopoulouClinical, Education and Health PsychologyProfessor of Psychodynamic Neuroscience
Dr Sunjeev KambojClinical, Education and Health PsychologyProfessor of Translational Clinical Psychology
Dr Rickie PataniDepartment of Neuromuscular DiseasesProfessor of Human Stem Cells and Regenerative Neurology
Dr Rosaline QuinlivanDepartment of Neuromuscular DiseasesProfessor of Neuromuscular Disease
Dr Andrew McquillinDivision of PsychiatryProfessor of Molecular Psychiatry
Dr Joanna MoncrieffDivision of PsychiatryProfessor of Critical and Social Psychiatry
Dr Elizabeth SampsonDivision of PsychiatryProfessor of Dementia and Palliative Care
Dr Zuzana WalkerDivision of PsychiatryProfessor of Psychiatry of the Elderly
Dr Ana GuinoteExperimental PsychologyProfessor of Social Cognition
Dr Samuel SolomonExperimental PsychologyProfessor of Visual Neuroscience
Dr Tamar MakinInstitute of Cognitive NeuroScienceenceProfessor of Cognitive Neuroscience
Dr Virginia CalderInstitute of OphthalmologyProfessor of Ocular Immunology
Dr Andrew GazzardInstitute of OphthalmologyProfessor of Glaucoma Studies
Dr Krisztina SzendroiLinguisticsProfessor of Information Structure in Language
Dr Helene Plun-FavreauNeurodegenerative DiseasesProfessor of Cellular Neurodegeneration
Dr Duncan BrumbyUCL Interaction CentreProfessor of Human-Computer Interaction
Dr Michael LunnUCL Queen Square Institute of NeurologyProfessor of Clinical Neurology

Associate Professors

Name Department 
Dr Gorkan AhmetogluClinical, Education and Health Psychology
Dr Ravi DasClinical, Education and Health Psychology
Dr Miriam Fornells-AmbrojoClinical, Education and Health Psychology
Dr Pedro MachadoDepartment of Neuromuscular Diseases
Dr Joshua StottClinical, Education and Health Psychology
Dr Sarah RoweDivision of Psychiatry
Dr Eva KrumhuberExperimental Psychology
Dr Anthony VuglerInstitute of Ophthalmology
Dr James WhiteLinguistics

Principal Research Fellows

Dr James JepsonClinical and Experimental Epilepsy
Dr Emma MatthewsDepartment of Neuromuscular Diseases
Dr Robert Pitceathly

Department of Neuromuscular Diseases

Dr Michael BloomfieldDivision of Psychiatry
Dr Kirsten MooreDivision of Psychiatry

Principal Teaching Fellows

Name Department
Dr Rosalind PottsLanguage and Cognition