Brain Sciences


Dean's List of top performing students for 2017/18 is announced

28 January 2019

Every year the Dean recognises the top 5% of students, in terms of academic performance, from across the Faculty.


This year it was the top 5% that achieved a final average of 74% and achieving a minimum of 74% in their research project/dissertation. The Faculty of Brain Sciences aims to prepare its students to go on to become world leaders in their fields, and it is a fantastic achievement to graduate in the top 5%. Congratulations to all of you.

Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Programme title Student 
MRes Cognitive NeuroscienceIsobel Green
MRes Cognitive NeuroscienceYumeya Yamamori
MSc Research Methods in Psychology Sonia-Cristina Codreanu
MSc Developmental Psychology and Clinical PracticeLea Benk 
MSc Speech and Language SciencesKerry Corley 
MSc Psychoanalytic Developmental PsychologyLeonita Putri
MSc Social Cognition Davita de Kleuver
MRes Developmental Neuroscience and PsychopathologyLara Taylor
MRes Cognitive NeuroscienceJak Maloret
MSc Cognitive NeuroscienceAlysha Chelliah
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business Psychology Or Cheuk Ling Cheryl
MSc Language Sciences Sophie Harte 
MSc Language SciencesJosephine Bowerman 
MSc Developmental Psychology and Clinical Practice Julia Marotti
MSc Social Cognition Karolin Salmen
MRes Cognitive NeuroscienceRylan Schaeffer
MSc Cognitive and Decision Sciences Christopher Cooksley
MSc Language Sciences Rachel Dennan 
MA Linguistics Xinmeng Lu 
MA Linguistics Riqiang Wang 
MSc Cognitive and Decision Sciences Octavian Maxim
MRes Cognitive Neuroscience Andrea Devoto
MRes Developmental Neuroscience and PsychopathologyHestia Moningka
MSc Cognitive NeuroscienceArabella Bird
MRes Developmental Neuroscience and PsychopathologyFlora Moujaes
MSc Cognitive and Decision Sciences Ismail Guennouni
MSc Social Cognition Giulia Todres
MSc Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology Nina Castro
MSc Psychoanalytic Developmental PsychologyKarin Borgeaud
MSc Theoretical Psychoanalytic StudiesDavid Lamb
MSc Speech and Language SciencesLeo Morgan 
MA Linguistics Jack Ashton 
MSc Language Sciences Wei Leng Chue 
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business PsychologyConstanze Harding
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business Psychology Lisa Seeberger
MSc Cognitive and Decision Sciences Yunxuan Zheng
MSc Social Cognition Robin Brooker
MSc Social Cognition Vanessa Cheung
MSc Social Cognition  Mina Stojanovic
MSc Social Cognition  Dairabayeva Symbat
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business PsychologyRawan Alhourani
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business PsychologyAlexandra Jegou-Danon
MSc Industrial/Organisational and Business Psychology Neha Sharma
MSc Speech and Language SciencesIndigo Arundell 
MSc Speech and Language Sciences Elizabeth Douglas 
MA Linguistics Zirui Liu 
MSc Language SciencesLydia Burchett 
MSc Cognitive Neuroscience Luke Martin 
MSc Cognitive and Decision Sciences Sandra Lagator
MRes Speech, Language and CognitionClarissa Sorger 

Institute of Neurology

Programme title Student 
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceGoble Talya
MSc Stroke MedicineNilofer Sorathia
MSc Neuromuscular DiseasesAna Carneiro Ribeiro
MSc Advanced NeuroimagingEster Jimenez Arroyo
MSc Advanced Neuroimaging Nina Mansoor
MSc Clinical Neurology via DL Chen Benson 
MSc Dementia: Causes, Treatments and Research (Neuroscience)Merel Van Der Thiel
MSc Brain and Mind Sciences Zourray Clara 
MSc Dementia: Causes, Treatments and Research (Neuroscience) Lesley (Yue) Wu
MRes Brain SciencesAlice Kingslake
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceFerreira Atuesta Carolina 
MSc Stroke MedicineAndreas Flores Martin
MSc Advanced NeuroimagingMegan Elizabeth Creasey
MSc Clinical NeuroscienceBergman Jeffrey 

Division of Psychology & Language Sciences and Department of Computer Science

Programme title Student 
MSc Human-Computer InteractionTassilo Bouwman 
MSc Human-Computer Interaction Leon Reicherts 
MSc Human-Computer Interaction Tudinh Duong
MSc Human-Computer Interaction Raya Sharbain 
MSc Human-Computer Interaction Jessica Andrich 
MSc Human-Computer Interaction Harshna Patel 
MSc Human-Computer Interaction Yokey Lim 
MSc Human-Computer Interaction Amelie Johnson-Ferguson 
MSc Human-Computer Interaction Zihe Liu 
MSc Human-Computer Interaction Andrew Cheah

Division of Psychiatry

Programme title Student 
MSc Level 7 Clincial Mental Health SciencesJames Payne-Gill
MSc Level 7 Clincial Mental Health SciencesJessica Lynch
MSc Level 7 Clincial Mental Health SciencesDanielle Pearce 
MSc Level 7 Clincial Mental Health SciencesMimi Suzuki
MSc Level 7 Clincial Mental Health SciencesVerity Fox 
MSc Level 7 Clincial Mental Health SciencesJoseph Rehling
MSc Level 7 Clincial Mental Health SciencesZaynah Muthy
MSc Level 7 Clincial Mental Health SciencesBethany Carey 

UCL Institute of Ophthalmology

Programme title Student 
MSc Clinical Ophthalmology Jonathan Marler