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UCL Faculty of Brain Sciences is a leading centre for dementia research and education. It is home to some of the most influential researchers in this field in England.

Our scientists cover a broad spectrum of dementia research interests; from genetics to evidence based treatments and support for patients and carers. UCL's ambition and expertise make it the ideal environment to extend your knowledge of dementia through research and learning.

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Study dementia

UCL delivers a range of dementia study programmes, from our open online course and MSc Dementia to PhD opportunities.

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Dementia research

UCL is a hub for clinical and scientific research into various forms of dementia. Discover the impact of our dementia research in the real-world.

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Support dementia research at UCL

Support UCL’s world-leading dementia research. The research aims to beat the disease: to find the cause, discover a cure and improve care for people living with dementia.


UK Dementia Research Institute at UCL

UCL is home to the operational headquarters of the UK Dementia Research Institute, led by Professor Bart De Strooper. The UK DRI is a joint investment into dementia research led by the Medical Research Council alongside founding charity partners Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer’s Research UK. The Institute will be catalytic in the UK’s research efforts to diagnose, treat, care for and prevent dementias.

Part of the Lancet Commission's dementia risk factors infographic

The Lancet Commission

10 UCL researchers contributed to the international Lancet Commission on dementia prevention, intervention and care, first presented in July 2017. The Commission was led by Professor Gill Livingston, UCL Psychiatry, and identifies nine lifestyle factors which, if eliminated, could prevent up to one in three cases of dementia. 

Doug asks Dr Rohrer what there is that we do not know about dementia

Dementia Reporters

Dementia Reporters is headed up by Martin Rossor, Professor of Clinical Neurology at UCL and NIHR National Director for Dementia Research. The project sees people affected by dementia become citizen journalists, and question leading research academics, clinicians and industry professionals about the condition. This is a video library of some of the Faculty's researchers being interviewed.

Latest dementia news

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