Brain Sciences


Expertise and consultancy

We believe that the cutting-edge insights into brain science housed within the Faculty can have major impact on real-world problems.

From projects such as drug repurposing or policy design for mental health care in the elderly, through to social effects in consumer decision-making or Deaf awareness training, we’ll work with you to identify and ensure access to the UCL expertise and facilities your project needs.

The Faculty’s consultancy activity is managed through UCL Consultants, one of the UK’s leading providers of academic consultancy. With experience in working with clients large and small, our commercial and contractual experience allows UCL’s academic input to be successfully integrated into your project.

Performance under stress
Amy Williams testing human element of tyre performance

Performance under stress is a make-or-break skill in the modern world. It makes the difference in everyone’s life, from daily driving through to managing our workloads. Extreme sports athletes must be masters of this skill, as they make snap decisions under death-defying conditions and while pushing their bodies to the limit.

Going to the theatre has the same impact on your heart as 30 minutes of cardio exercise
Monitoring the physiological effects of attending the theatre

Scientists from the Department of Experimental Psychology (UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences) and the University of Lancaster worked with Encore Tickets to study the physiological effects of seeing a live theatre show. They found that the heart rates of audience members spent an average of 28 minutes beating at an elevated range between 50%-70% of their maximum heart rate - the same effect as cardiovascular exercise.