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UCL is the top-rated university in the UK for research power. UCL is the most highly cited university in Europe for neuroscience and behaviour studies.


Whether you're an undergraduate, postgraduate or professional, study at UCL Faculty of Brain Sciences to gain the knowledge and critical thinking skills you need to become a leader in your field.  We provide a stimulating and rewarding student experience which enhances employability and supports career development prospects.

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UCL is the top-rated university in the UK for research power and is home to some of the most influential researchers in neuroscience, dementia, mental health and many more specialist areas of brain sciences. Find out about how our research is changing the way we think, and its real-world applications. 

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The Faculty brings together our expertise in psychology, psychiatry, prion diseases, ophthalmology and vision, language sciences, audiology, deafness and hearing, neurology and related basic neuroscience. Our outstanding research spans the bench to bedside spectrum and has global impact.

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Partnerships and Innovation

Our partnerships are groundbreaking and innovative, helping us to sharing our expertise with the world. Find out more about our achievements and how you can get involved.

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    Academic Divisions

    Our research Institutes and Divisions are centres of excellence for the Faculty's wide ranging research expertise across the brain sciences.


    Find contact information for Faculty staff, Division and Institute staff, Vice Deans, the Education Team, and Business Partners.