Brain Sciences


Dimitrios Zachos

Dimitrios Zachos is Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Project Manager for the Queen Square Institute of Neurology.

Dimitrios Zachos

Born in a small Greek town, Dimitrios was innately curious about what else lies out there. Always curious and always moving, he jumped from one study subject to the other (planning and regional development, architecture, social anthropology, social archaeology), from one industry to the other (engineering, careers/recruitment, events management, cultural management, project management, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion), and from one city and country to the other (Greece, Germany, UK). He wonders what will be next!

How long have you been in the Faculty of Brain Sciences and what is your current role?

I joined the Faculty in July 2022, as the Queen Square Institute of Neurology’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Project Manager, so I am what you would call a new starter!

What aspect of your work most excites you and why?

I work with an extensive network of dedicated volunteers to shape a work and study environment that is fairer, more inclusive and diverse. All those aspects of my work excite me and fill me with passion and motivation. I love the energy I get from working with such a variety of different people, each bringing their own perspective, experiences and ideas into the table. And of course, there is nothing more fulfilling than working towards positive culture change and knowing that the work that you do has a positive impact on people’s lives.

What working achievements are you most proud of?

The answer is easy. Supporting and empowering young refugees and immigrants while working as a freelance Cultural Manager in Greece and Germany. That was a few years back, but I still consider it to be the most important piece of work I have undertaken. It felt meaningful and it was a transformative experience for both the people I worked with and myself.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that people might not know

I have an artistic flair. Over the course of my life I’ve learned how to play the guitar, sing, dance tango argentino, make photos, sketch. But now that I am thinking of it, could it be that I’ve picked up that many hobbies because I get easily bored?!

What’s the best advice you would give your younger self?

Don’t stress and don’t be hasty! Things have a way of sorting themselves out. Do what you feel you can do and always look after your wellbeing (body and mind).