Brain Sciences


Faculty professional & technical services mentoring scheme

In February 2018, the Faculty of Brain Sciences was the first faculty in UCL to launch its own mentoring scheme for all staff who identify as professional or technical services.

Effective mentoring can assist staff in identifying and meeting objectives to drive personal and professional development, whether this is a focus on developing a particular area of expertise or set of skills, progressing to the next step on their career pathway or achieving higher job satisfaction in the workplace.

Mentoring is an enabling and citizenship activity which is encouraged by the Faculty and should be recognised in appraisals.

What is it?

A mentoring scheme intended to support the career development for all staff with Professional & Technical Services (P&TS) roles from across all parts of the Faculty of Brain Sciences (FBS).

Why has it been developed?

  • Previous schemes have been more geared towards providing support to academics and researchers and sometimes only to women in those categories.
  • There has not been anything (Faculty wide) that acknowledges the specific challenges PS&T staff face, related to: a) flat role hierarchies or b) career pathways.
  • A need was identified for more dedicated career support for P&TS staff who previously may have felt overlooked by the mentoring schemes available.

Who is involved in running the scheme?

Athena SWAN leads from across FBS came together, pooling knowledge and resources to define a scheme that would work best for staff from across the Faculty. All six Divisions/Institutes in FBS have a dedicated mentoring lead who has co-designed the scheme and whom you can contact if you have any queries. In addition, the co-chairs have oversight over the whole scheme.


P&TS Mentoring Leads

Faculty of Brain Sciences

Christine Gaston (co-chair); Kate Faxen (comms lead)

Division of Psychology and Language Sciences (PALS), including Institute of Cognitive Science

Cristina Gardini

Institute of Neurology (IoN), including Dementia Research Institute

Elizabeth Halton (co-chair)

Division of Psychiatry

Sarah Dowling

Institute of Ophthalmology

Susan Sandford Smith

Ear Institute

Neil Roberts

Institute of Prion Diseases

Mark Batchelor

Please contact Christine Gaston (christine.gaston@ucl.ac.uk) and Elizabeth Halton (e.halton@ucl.ac.uk) for more details.