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Accelerated increments and contribution points

Guide explaining the application processes for accelerated increments and contribution points.

Applies to: All staff on non-clinical grades 1-9.  Contribution points only apply to clinical staff on grades CL7, 8, 9 and do NOT apply to junior doctors and honorary consultants.

Process Opens: Applications can be made at any time of the year

UCL Deadline: Applications can be made at any time of the year

Award implemented: The effective date of the increase will be the month after the application has been received by the Faculty Office

Paperwork: Accelerated incremental progression or award contribution point guidance 


Staff may be awarded an additional increment (an extra point increment within their grade) or contribution point (where the member of staff has reached the top of their grade bracket, there are a number of contribution points available to be awarded in recognition of excellent performance) only in circumstances where the following criteria have been met:

  • Outstanding performance has been achieved and maintained*.
  • The employee has been formally appraised in the previous six months.
  • The objectives set have been stretching, have exceeded expectations and were fully achieved (unless circumstances beyond the member of staff’s control have prevented this).

NB: *Outstanding performance will have been demonstrated in terms of their achievements in the context of work undertaken, efficiency, resourcefulness, dependability and judgment. This performance will have been sustained over a period of at least six to twelve months.

In exceptional cases, if it is felt that the employee in question’s performance has greatly exceeded their stretching objectives, then consideration may also be given to awarding two increments or contribution points.


  • Managers complete the Request for Accelerated Incremental Progression or Award of Contribution Point (downloadable from link above) within 6 months of the individual’s appraisal.  Division/Institute Finance Manager to confirm funding/budget available and provide the correct funding code on the form; Director to sign the form confirming approval.

  • Signed forms should be submitted to the Faculty Office.

  • Applications are reviewed by the Director of Operations and the Dean and successful applications are submitted to the Faculty Management Accountant for Faculty financial sign off.

  • Forms which have received full sign off are returned to the Division/Institute. Divisions/Institutes should process the applications using the Changes to Assignment workflow in MyHR Departmental Transactions, attaching the approved application document to avoid unnecessary delays.

  • Awards are implemented from the 1st of the month (for example, awards for successful applications received by the Faculty Office in August will be implemented in September).


It should be clear from section B of the application form or appraisal form that stretching objectives have been met.

Applications should demonstrate sustained on-going performance.  Where an acting-up allowance or one-off payment is more appropriate, applications are rejected, with the alternative process recommended.