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Prospect Terrace Board School

Also known as Prospect Terrace School/Starcross Upper School


It was opened in 1890 as one of the new School Board schools for London

Its staff co-operated with Mary Ward when she opened the Passmore Edwards Settlement in October 1897 in Tavistock Place, to provide learning and play facilities for poor children in the area in the hours after school but before their parents finished work (Janet Penrose Trevelyan, The Life of Mrs Humphry Ward, 1923)

It was still there in 1901, when Mary Ward mentioned it in an appeal for the Passmore Edwards Settlement (quoted in Janet Penrose Trevelyan, The Life of Mrs Humphry Ward, 1923)

It was bombed in the Second World War and rebuilt as Starcross Upper School in the 1950s

It no longer exists

What was reforming about it?

It was part of the new educational reforms, and also closely associated with the progressive Passmore Edwards Settlement

Where in Bloomsbury

It was purpose-built in 1890 in Prospect Terrace, near Sidmouth Street

Website of current institution

It no longer exists

Books about it

None found


Its log books from 1890–1939 are held in London Metropolitan Archives, ref. LCC/EO/DIV2/PRO/LB/1–3; details are available online via Access to Archives (opens in new window)

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