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College for Working Women

Also known as Frances Martin College/Frances Martin College for Women

Not to be confused with the Working Women’s College, from which it was a breakaway institution


It was founded by Frances Martin and others in 1874 to continue the original mission of the Working Women’s College when the latter opted to become co-educational

It was renamed Frances Martin College after her death in 1922

It merged with the Working Men’s College in 1966

What was reforming about it?

It was committed to the skills training of young single women

Where in Bloomsbury

It was an offshoot of the Working Women’s College in Queen Square, though it quickly became established west of Bloomsbury in Fitzroy Street

Website of current institution

The successor institution is the Working Men’s College, www.wmcollege.ac.uk (opens in new window)

Books about it

None found, but see generally June Purvis and Margaret Hales, Achievement and Inequality in Education (1983), and Thomas Kelly and Brian Simon, A History of Adult Education in Great Britain (1992)


Its archives are held in London Metropolitan Archives, ref. A/FMC; further details are available online via the London Metropolitan Archives catalogue (opens in new window)

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