Bloomsbury Consortium for Advanced Light Microscopy


Division of Biosciences

Confocal Imaging

The Rockefeller site has the following facilities:

  • Two Leica SP8 microscopes: the SP8vis, and the MP_opo which has multi-photon capabilities. Both have Field of View scanners (FOV), which allow a 22mm field of view at normal scan rates. They also have resonant scanners for 8KHZ imaging: 30 frames per second at 512 x 512 pixel size.
  • FRET, photo-activation of advanced fluorescent proteins and FLIP
  • FLIM is now available on one of the multi-photon confocals
  • Addition of three simple, single-channel, multi-laser confocals
  • Four terabyte central file server: access your data from any site within UCL

The Medical Sciences building is also home to an open access confocal imaging facility which is available to all across the campus. 

The facility currently houses four Zeiss confocal microscopes which include:

  • Two Zeiss 880 Airyscan systems, one with UV optics and full spectral detection 
  • upright multiphoton/vis Zeiss 510 META CLSM equipped with a Becker and Hickl FLIM module
  • one Zeiss 700 CLSM 

and the Molecular Devices Image Xpress, a high throughput fluorescence imaging system with robotics for drug discovery.

For more information about these facilities, please visit the Cell & Developmental Biology  Confocal Imaging website

Electron Microscopy

The Biosciences EM core facility has two Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEMs) and one Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FE-SEM). The Facility also contains a sample preparation laboratory, with a range of preparation equipment. It is run as a multi user facility or on a service basis, which allows users the choice as to what level of involvement they wish to have.

For more information about the Biosciences EM facility, please visit the Electron Microscopy website