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Useful links and websites

Note: I'm trying to keep these up to date and the links working. Please report any problems and/or suggestions to me.

Chick embryology and genetics resources

Developmental Biology Resources

Developmental Biology Journals  


Companies, Antibody banks, etc.

  • Bioptechs (warm stages/chambers for microscopes)
  • Bright Instruments (cryostats)
  • BTX (in ovo electroporation systems - *** RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE ***)
  • Custom Sequencing by MWG-Biotech
  • Developmental Biology Hybridoma Bank (non-profit antibody bank)
  • FHC (custom-made electrodes)
  • Fine Science Tools (excellent range of dissecting tools but expensive)
  • Gene Tools (Morpholinos - *** THINK first, order them second ***)
  • Goodfellow Metals (every kind of metal wire, foils, etc.)
  • Intracel (excellent alternative to BTX: pulse generator for electroporation)
  • Kopf instruments (vertical electrode pullers)
  • Low-cost wine storage adaptors (low cost alternative to cooled incubators)
  • Lyon (incubators for chick and other bird eggs)
  • Molecular Probes (THE source for fluorescent probes of every kind)
  • NIH Image (free imaging software)
  • Olympus UK
  • Origen Therapeutics
  • R&D Systems (purified factors, anti-cytokine antibodies, etc. but EXPENSIVE)
  • (anyone know a reliable, cheaper source?)
  • SciWeb (the Life Sciences Web Page)
  • Universal Imaging (Metamorph software - excellent but OVERPRICED, especially post-sale support/contracts)
  • Zeiss UK


  • WWW Blast at NCBI
  • Discontiguous BLAST optimised for cross-species comparisons (use for chick whole genome BLASTing)
  • Motif scan in a protein sequence
  • Expasy database (suite for analysing protein motifs, etc.)
  • Web-based ClustalW multiple sequence alignment (at BCM)
  • CoSMoS (protein sequence motif search at NCBI)
  • CHICKMAP - Chicken genome mapping and EST database
  • XREF db
  • Tools for Molecular Biology (Japan)
  • Medline (PubMed Advanced Boolean Search)