UCL Division of Biosciences


Course Lecturers

Professor Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin, Professor of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Department of Structural and Molecular Biology

Andrew Martin's research focusses on structural bioinformatics:  developing tools to investigate and understand the relationship between protein sequence, structure and function.  Using the abYsis Database, Andrew integrates sequence data from Kabat, IMGT and Genbank and structural data from the PDB to create powerful search and analysis tools for antibody research.

Dr Martin obtained his first degree in biochemistry from Christ Church, Oxford University, where he undertook his research project with Professor Peter Goodford working on his GRID program - one of the first methods for computational drug design.  He stayed at Oxford to do his DPhil with Professor Anthony R.Rees and developed the first automated program for modelling antibodies.

He holds a patent related to antibody humanization and has served as an expert witness on a number of international patent disputes.  He also acts as a consultant in humanizing antibodies and is an advisor to the WHO (World Health Organisation) International Non-proprietary Names committee on the naming of antibody-based drugs


Professor Kerry Chester

Kerry Chester, Professor of Molecular Medicine

Recombinant Antibody Therapuetics Group, UCL Cancer Institute

Kerry Chester leads the Antibody Engineering Group at the UCL Cancer Institute.  She has over twenty years of experience in antibody engineering and antibody phage-display technology and is currently Vice President of the Antibody Society.  Her main research interests are design and construction of antibody-based targets.  The work is largely translational; her group designed and manufactured the first single chain Fv antibody (scFv) to enter clinical trials and she is the academic lead of a GMP facility, manufacturing recombinant antibody-based cancer treatments for first-in-human trials.

Current projects include bench-to-bedside development of antibodies for use as cancer imaging agents, antibody drug conjugates, chimeric antigen receptors (CARS) and nano-medicines


Dr Mark Swindells

Dr Mark Swindells

Bioinformatics and abYsis expert

Mark is a bioinformatics expert by training and now runs Chemogenomix, a consulting and marketing company in chemo and bioinformatics.  He acts on behalf of UCL business-to-market abYsis, UCL's advanced antibody database and analysis workbench.

After studying with Professor Dame Janet Thornton FRS at UCL, Mark moved to Japan where he worked at the Protein Engineering Research Institute in Osaka and Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (now Astellas).

On returning to the UK he was a co-founder of Inpharmatica Ltd., a biotechnology company focusing on knowledge-based drug discovery.  He is currently C.O.O. of Ex Scientia Ltd., a drug discovery company based in Dundee, UK.