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Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology PhDs


Admission Guidance

Before you apply...

Before you start please be aware that we only accept applications to either our dedicated studentships (see funding section below) or to undertake research in the lab of a member of NPP staff.  If you wish to be supervised by someone in a different department (for example within the Institute of Neurology) then you will need to apply to that department's PhD programme.

Step by step guide to application…

1. Find your supervisor!
We do not accept applications unless supported by the proposed supervisor so you will need to research potential supervisors before making an application.*

* Note this does not apply to the 4 Year Neuroscience programme where students undertake a year of lab rotations first before choosing their project.

2. Make contact.
You should contact a prospective supervisor directly, sending them some details about yourself and your proposed project.

3. Make a formal application via the online application portal**

** If you are applying specifically to the 4 Year Neuroscience programme you MUST follow the instructions on the programme website.  


If you require funding in order to pursue a PhD at UCL then there are a number of sources.

Funding within NPP...

One-off studentships for particular projects may occur from time to time (there are none available at present) and on findaPhD.com.

UCL funding...

  • There are some UCL-wide funding schemes, details of which you can find here.
  • We have students within NPP who are funded by bodies outside of UCL.
Other Neuroscience Options

There other Departments which have specialists in Neuroscience and have their own PhD programmes and studentships. The UCL Neuroscience research domain contains details of other neuroscience programmes.

Information for Current Students

For useful links, information and guidelines log on to the Division of Biosciences - Graduate Research Students 20/21 moodle site. Email communications are also sent out to current students via Moodle.

Key Contacts

Graduate Tutor: Professor Alasdair Gibb
Graduate Tutor: Professor Alexander Gourine
Graduate Tutor: Joanne Marks
PhD Administrator: Manu Davies (Interim Administrator)
manu.davies@ucl.ac.uk, 020 3549 5460 (internal - 65460), G03A Anatomy
Student Rep: Kjara Pilch, kjara.pilch.18@ucl.ac.uk