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Genetics stream

Please Note: There may be access to modules other than those provided in the following lists. However, all optional modules must have the approval of the subject stream tutor. Some modules may be appropriate for more than one subject stream. You can view further information about the modules in the Module Catalogue.

Subject stream tutor

Dr Richard Poole
Email: r.poole@ucl.ac.uk

Genetics taught module

BIOL0021: Advanced Human Genetics

Example project titles

Transcriptional Regulation of BDNF in MECP2Null/y Mice

Effect of PARP inhibition on fork velocity and fidelity in MUS81 deficient cells

Characterisation of gene SPCC320.03

To understanding the function of Tcf7l2 splice variants, specifically the role of exon 5 coded variants during embryo development of Zebrafish

Developing novel therapy for Collagen VI - related congenital muscular dystrophy

Dietary supplements and complementary therapies for breast and gynaecological cancer

Investigating the role of a new genetic model of Dietary restriction in C.elegans Heathspan and lifespan

The Regulation of Asymmetric Neurogenesis and Early Proneural Gene Expression: Analysis of Asymmetric Neurogenesis Defective Mutants

S6 Kinase repression has the capacity to both increase and decrease lifespan in Drosophila melanogaster, in a tissue-specific manner