UCL Division of Biosciences


Cell Biology stream

Stream Tutor: Prof Gyorgy Szabadkai g.szabadkai@ucl.ac.uk

Optional module:

CELL0016: Advanced Molecular Cell Biology

Example project titles:

Yap1 as a mechanical trans

CHC22 SNP’s rs1061325 involvement in glucose homeostasis

Investigating the acquired resistance to PBD dimers and PBD dimer-based ADCs

Identification of new regulators of nuclear division in animal cells

Mechanism by which CDK4/6 inhibitors radio-sensitize cancer cells

Developing a Platform for Complex Disease Modelling of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Role of Arf tyrosine phosphorylation in cellular processes

Characterisation of the role of cyclophilin A in hepatitis C virus replication

Study the impacts of in vivo emerged simian immunodeficiency virus envelope (Env) mutations on polarised Env sorting

cdk4/6 inhibition as a means to improve response of cancers to radiation

Determining the stage of viral fusion blocked by IFITM proteins

Physical interactions of Diaph1 in the actin signalling pathway regulating blebs

Cell delamination during Drosophila notum development

Functional analysis of the rho GTPase cycle during fast endophilin mediated endocytosis (FEME)

Vaccinia virus-induced host cell migration

Analysis of HIV Gag protein assembly using novel microscopy techniques

IP6K1 inhibits JMJD2C-mediated neuronal differentiation