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Biochemistry stream

Please Note: There may be access to modules other than those provided in the following lists. However, all optional modules must have the approval of the subject stream tutor. Some modules may be appropriate for more than one subject stream. You can view further information about the modules in the Module Catalogue.

Subject stream tutor

Prof Kaila Srai
Email: k.srai@ucl.ac.uk

Biochemistry taught module

BIOS0001: Genes and Neurodegenerative Disease
BIOC0017: Cancer Biology

Example project titles

Interactions between small molecules with ribosomes and ribosome-nascent chain complexes by NMR spectroscopy

Post-translational control of cell wall division in mycobacteria

Studying the function of FGFR-fusion interactions with FRS2 and the importance of the fusion function as an oncogene

Molecular Characterisation and Engineering of Metal ion importers

Role of microbial Vitamin B6 on host physiology

From the structure of the natriuretic peptide receptor to the agonists for the treatment of myocardial infarction

High resolution structure determination of yeast respiratory supercomplexes by cryo-electron microscopy

How do mutations in FGFRIII affect the binding affinity for Hsp90/Cdc-37 complexes?

Structural and functional characterisation of the S. cerevisiae COMPASS complex

Elucidating the role of protein CoAlation in the function of PTEN

Formation of ATP under prebiotic conditions

Molecular Mechanisms of ERK Signalling that Determine Schwann Cell Fate

Cloning and characterization of P2Y11 receptor in Rhesus Macaca Mulatta specimen

The Role of Coenzyme A in Oxidative Stress

Mapping the sequence function of the ZIP14 transporter

Trafficking of transferrin receptor in iron sensing and intracellular signalling

Analysis of Biochemical interaction of FBP17, TOCA and CIP4 with Nadrin-1 and SH3BP1 at leading edge of cells when FEME is active

Determination of the structures of ZIP14 domains and the influence of metal ions on these structures