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Biomedical Sciences MSc

Biomedical science aims to understand the scientific basis of normal health and how this is disturbed and may be treated in disease processes. UCL Division of Biosciences encompasses a vibrant research community that includes researchers engaged in understanding the scientific basis of many of the major scientific questions facing the world of biomedical research today. In this one-year Masters course, we provide the opportunity for students with an undergraduate background in any area relevant to biomedical science to develop and broaden their knowledge and research skills, prepare for future employment or specialist postgraduate research, and to enable students to develop their understanding of, and ability to contribute to solving the major biomedical challenges facing society in the future.

CompulsoryANAT0022Practice of Science30A7P*  
CompulsoryBIOS0015MSc Biomedical Sciences Research Project60A7P  
Students will need to choose minimum of 0 and maximum of 45 credits
PHAY0017Anticancer Personalised Medicines15A7P  
 MSIN0044Business for Bioscience15A7P  
 IEHC0046Basic Statistics for Medical Sciences15A7P  
 PHAY0019Pharmacogenomics, Adverse Drug Reactions and Biomarkers15A7P  
Elective From all BIOSC_LIF modules A7P4590

Note: Optional module selections to be made after students have had their initial one-to-one meeting with the programme tutor.
*A7P = Post Graduate Level