UCL Division of Biosciences



Group Leader

Joanne Santini, Professor of Microbiology


PhD Students

Nicola Bennett

N Bennett

EPSRC Interdisciplinary DTP Student in Security and Crime Science with Prof Ruth Morgan.



Ramota Adelakun


Ramota is a BBSRC/ESRC funded Soc-B PhD student interested in the intersection between biological and social sciences. Project title: “Understanding arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh”

Contact: ramota.adelakun.19@ucl.ac.uk

Marco Crisci


My project is funded by the BBSRC and is in collaboration with Dr Steven Van Winden (Royal Veterinary College). The work currently focuses on the role of bacteriophages in the animal gut microbiome, which is complemented by my background in nutrition and digestive physiology.

Contact: marco.crisci.18@ucl.ac.uk

Sarah Jones


My project is funded by NERC and is conducted in collaboration with Professor Karen Hudson-Edwards (Cambourne School of Mines).

Selected Publication

Biochar and compost amendments enhance copper immobilisation and support growth in contaminated soils. (2016) Jones S, Bardos RP, Kidd PS, Mench M, de Leij F, Hutchings T, Cundy A, Joyce C, Soja G, Friesl-Hanl W, Herzig R, Menger P. J. Environ. Manage. 171: 101-112.

Contact: sarah.jones.15@ucl.ac.uk

Master's Students