Operations - including Health and Safety

Mission Statement

The Health and Safety Divisional team will aim to deliver the highest standards and service in line with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1974.  We will achieve this by an ongoing commitment to health, safety and welfare and through the provision of appropriate and effective advice, support and guidance on all health and safety matters in order to facilitate a healthy and safe working environment.

In this perspective, it is paramount that we receive support and feedback from all members of staff and students as we aim to continually improve our Health and Safety management system.

Links to Safety Documents:

Safety Committee Minutes

Safety Manual for the Division of Biosciences

Richard Marguerie De Rotrou
 Divisional Operations Manager
 Anatomy Building Room G02A
 email: r.marguerie@ucl.ac.uk
 phone: +44 20 3549 5451
 internal-phone: 65451
Operations Team Mobile Phone Numbers: For emergencies please use the mobile phone from your hub


Biosciences Operations Team – Darwin Building Hub (mobile phones: 07984144626 or 07842542816)

First point of contact for enquiries from staff in the Darwin Building

Staff Room Email Tel
Tamsin Piper
Core Facilities Manager
Anatomy G02

020 3549 5453

Internal: 65453

James Michaels
Operations Officer
Darwin G24 

020 7679 7374

Internal: 37374

Becki Sansome
Operations Officer
Anatomy G02
r.sansome@ucl.ac.uk 020 3549 5450
Internal: 65450

Biosciences Operations Team – Anatomy Building Hub (mobile phone: 07717438303)

First points of contact for enquiries from staff in the Anatomy, Rockefeller and Wolfson House Buildings

Staff Room Email Tel
Richard Marguerie de Rotrou
Team Manager
Anatomy G02A

020 3549 5451

Internal: 65451

Brian Campbell
Operators Officer
Anatomy G02

020 3549 5452

Internal: 65452

Biosciences Operations Team – Medical Sciences Building Hub (mobile phone: 07415916166)

First point of contact for enquiries from Biosciences staff in the Medical Sciences, Medawar, LMCB and Huxley Buildings

Staff Room Email Tel
Tony Langford
Technical Procurement Consultant
MRC Building Room 415 t.langford@ucl.ac.uk

020 7679 7243

Internal: 37243

Please contact Richard Marguerie de Rotrou if any of the information is incorrect or uninformative.

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