Research Facilities

Mechanical Workshop

The Mechanical Workshop provides a professional design and production service for prototype research equipment. The workshops can also provide maintenance and repair work to research equipment based in laboratories or core equipment rooms. 


The Biosciences Mechanical Workshop is currently situated in the Medical Sciences Building (room LG31).


Phone: 020 7679 3200 / 3729. Internal: 33200 / 33729

Techniques and Capabilities
The Workshop has equipment necessary for a full range of engineering needs. Projects range from cell baths, perfusion systems, temperature controlled microscope stages to custom built soundproof and/or lightproof Faraday cages. We help develop new 2 photon and other laser imaging systems as required.

Charges are priced per hour, with additional charges for materials. Scientists who require workshop services should download the workshop requisition form and fill in relevant parts before contacting the workshop manager.  The form will then be completed in discussion with the workshop manager.


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