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Zebrafish Facility
The UCL zebrafish facility is currently comprised of four separate multi-rack systems and several standalone and bench top systems housed in five separate rooms. The facility currently holdings around 400 genetically distinct lines - currently approximately 70,000 fish, with a maximum capacity of 100,000 fish.
Fish Facility 2
Fish Facility 3
Fish 4
Fish Facility 1

Zebrafish Facility Website

For further information about the zebrafish facility please follow the link below


Carole Wilson – Facility Manager

0207 679 3321

Carly Nicholls – Deputy Facility Manager

020 7679 3338

Anatomy Building B04

List of Equipment
The oldest system was funded by the BBSRC and was installed by Aquatic Habitats. The newest and larger system was jointly funded by Wellcome and UCL and was also installed by Aquatic Habitats.
Between the systems we have a total of about 5,000 tanks - each between 1.5 litres and 10 litres. All the multi-rack systems are re-circulating systems that are fully quarantined (all lines have been established from bleached eggs).

Techniques and Capabilities
  • Holding and husbandry of fish
  • Stock centre, currently holding approximately 70 lines – available to the community – either as adult fish or embryos – alive or staged
  • Supply of wild type fish, either as adult or embryo to the community
  • Advice on import and export of fish
  • Maintaining the British zebrafish Community Line Database.
  • Advice on Home Office Licences related to zebrafish

 Please contact Carole Wilson for information on charging policy

The fish facility offers training on all aspects of zebrafish husbandry - please contact Carole Wilson for more information on training and to discuss your requirement.


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