Infancy and Childhood: Health and Disease 


Many human disorders arise in infancy and childhood.  Furthermore physical and mental health in early life have a major impact upon adult disease.  Improved diagnosis and treatment of paediatric conditions is driven by basic laboratory research into developmental biological mechanisms.   The UCL Division of Bioscience has expertise in numerous areas of developmental neuroscience and biomedical science that are directly relevant to health and disease in early life.  Some of these have already been successfully translated for the clinical benefit of infants and children.  Our research scientists are continuously generating innovative research that could be used to improve child health in the future with appropriate clinical or pharmaceutical company collaboration.

Research Areas

The research areas listed below, detail further information about experts in those research area:

Research Themes

Case Studies

Newborn infants in intensive care undergo numerous tissue damaging procedures as a result of their clinical management.  We are currently using neurophysiological methods such as EEG and EMG together with fMRI to assess how pain is processed in the infant brain.  We can then design analgesic care tailored to the needs of this vulnerable population.

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