Adult Life: Health and Disease

Adult life

Improved diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic disease in adults is driven by basic laboratory research into the mechanisms underlying healthy and pathological biological processes.   The UCL Division of Bioscience has expertise in numerous areas of neuroscience, immunology, and other ares of biomedical science that have been successfully translated for clinical benefit.  Furthermore the research labs are continuously generating innovative research that could be used to improve human health in the future with appropriate clinical or industrial collaboration.

Research Areas

The research areas listed below, detail further information about experts in those research area:

Research Themes

Case Studies

Results from the Laboratory of Prof Stephen Hunt have found that a mouse that lacks one key receptor (NK1) for a neuronal messenger molecule is resistant to the pleasurable aspects of opiates and alcohol. NK1 gene polymorphisms have been found in samples taken from alcoholic humans and NK1 antagonists can be used to blunt the seveerity of withdrawal symptoms.  We will use this mouse model to drive our search for new therapies to prevent relapse into drug taking.

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