Ashwin Woodhoo


For me personally, UCL was a fantastic institution to start my research career. I enjoyed my PhD in the laboratory of KR Jessen and R Mirsky as they were extremely supportive during my studies and always encouraged me. The research facilities were great, I interacted a lot with other labs during my research and everyone, from the head of department, other members of staff, administration staff, technicians, etc... Were always very helpful. I was also very lucky to be able to assist to many superb lectures and seminars from world-class scientists, almost every week during my time there. Being a non-EU foreign student, UCL also made very important arrangements to fund my studies and assist with my work permit and visa. 

Carola Meier


After completing my PhD studies in the group of Prof. Kristjan R
Jessen and Prof. Rhona Mirsky (Anatomy and Developmental Biology) at
UCL, I moved back to Germany in November 1998, becoming a research
associate at the Ruhr-University in Bochum with Prof. Rolf
Dermietzel. In 2002, I was awarded an Independent Junior Research
Group by the Stem Cell Network Northrhine Westfalia and became a
Junior Professor. In 2009, I moved to Saarland University (Homburg/ Saar, Germany), where I am full professor for Anatomy.

Carlos Carmona (Chile)


Studying at UCL is a one-of-a-kind experience. First, UCL is a great University. It is strong in almost any area, so you can find experts in any field you like. This makes your academic experience richer and it gives you the chance to develop multidisciplinary projects and to receive feedback and ideas from very different fields. Also, and despite its size, UCL's departmental administration and staff are close enough to make you feel comfortable and supported. Second, UCL is located bang in central London! This city is constantly boiling in activities. From music to dance to sports and museums, this city is amazingly abounding in things to do. So it doesn't matter which is your hobby and your favourite activity outside the university, you will find the way to do it in London for sure. Not to mention that the multicultural mixture of London in general and UCL in particular adds another unique feature to this experience. I definitely recommend it!

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