Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do I need to register for a PhD?

To register for a PhD you will require one of the following:

  • A UK first degree in an appropriate subject, awarded with first or upper second-class Honours
  • An overseas qualification of an equivalent standard from a university or equivalent institution
  • A recognised Master’s degree

Are there any Scholarships available?

There are a number of scholarships awarded through the College - please see the scholarship website and follow the instructions there:

I have independent funding - what can I do?

You are welcome to apply and commence studies throughout the year. Please follow steps 1-3 below.
Step 1: Look at the list of academic staff and study their research interests by visiting their individual web page and looking at some of their publications to decide whether you are interested in the research topics in that laboratory.
Step 2: E-mail your chosen supervisor(s) to discuss possible projects. This will also ensure that they have space for you in their laboratory and that they will guide you in your application.
Step 3: Complete an application form at
This site also has links to further information that you may need e.g. fees, accommodation.

Is there any specific advice for Non-UK/EU students?

As a non-UK/EU student intending to pursue a 3-year PhD within the Division of Biosciences, you may apply for a combination Graduate School Research Scholarship/Overseas Research Scholarship (GSRS/ORS award).

You must first establish directly with an intended academic supervisor that they are willing to sponsor your application. Each of the four Research Departments in the Division of Biosciences can put forward only two-three shortlisted candidates. There is no guarantee whatsoever that these departments would be awarded any scholarships against the competition across UCL. However, outstanding candidates have been honoured often with this scholarship in the past. Please read everything in the following link for further information:-

Will my proficiency in English be tested?

If you are an overseas applicant we will require evidence of proficiency in English. For full details of these and other requirements see:

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