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Vice-Dean Education, Biosciences and Professor of Molecular Biology


 Professor Shephard is course organiser for BIOC2001 Molecular Biology.  She has a long-standing interest in developing teaching methods that improve student understanding and encourage interest and in 2007 was recipient of the Provost's Teaching Award.  Together with colleagues at UCL she has written two textbooks aimed at first year undergraduates - From Genes to Cells and A Short Course in Cell Biology.

Professor Elizabeth Shephard's research encompasses  molecular toxicology and pharmacogenetics.  Her work at present focuses on FMOs - the family of drug metabolising proteins.  Of special interest is the genetic basis of Trimethylaminuria, also known as fish-odour syndrome.  Affected individuals carry mutations in their FM03 gene and cannot complete the metabolism of a small chemical, derived from our diet, known as trimethylamine.  Professor Shephard's laboratory is investigating models for potential therapy for this disorder.


Rare Connect is a project that connects people suffering with rare diseases via internet forums.  Both sufferers and relatives not only have the opportunity to talk to each other but also to the medics and researchers who are studying this condition.
The TMAU community on RareConnect is in partnership with leading patient groups: the TMAU Foundation, MEBO Research and TMAU UK.

Good morning, I am awaiting the results of the trimethylaminuria test; I am under extreme stress!! I am in the process of dying out of anxiety

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Hello everyone ... I've suffered from this problem for 10 years and it has been very difficult every single day because I did not understand the reason for all this as I was always very careful with my hygiene. I've always enjoyed social life, friends, family ... but I had to keep some distance because the comments, jokes and bad looks were very obvious and it has been very difficult to accept. When all seemed lost, I found information about this disease on the Internet , all the testimonies I heard are exactly the same as the things that happen to me. Been able to name this co

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Professor Shephard, along with Professor Ian Phillips, take part in "webinars" where they give a presentation over the internet and then take questions from the Trimethylaminuria community.  You can find one such webinar below.

 If you are researching a rare disease and would like to become involved, go to  Rare connect or email Elizabeth Shephard