Digital Stories


 Dr Barbara Kremeyer

Department of Genetics, Evolution & Environment

  Whilst in her post as Teaching Fellow in GEE, Dr Barbara Kremeya initiated a video project for her first year students.  She was successful in applying  for a UCL Teaching Innovations Grant to purchase video and audio equipment.

As part of their first year studies, students were asked to produce a 3 -5 minute digital story in small groups, on a genetics topic of their choice. The stories were designed to be engaging to a lay audience with a general interest in science. Digital stories were peer assessed and double marked using criteria including scientific content, background research, structure and creativity.The best three digital stories are shown here and the students that produced these stories will receive a signed copy of a book written by Professor Steve Jones.

1st Prize - Epigenetics

Robyn Easton   Andrew Fei    George Heaton     Maxine Mackintosh    Matilda Mayne

2nd Prize - Island Populations

Sorcha Bradford    Jemma Day    Heather fuller    Grace Jeremy

Third Prize - Genetic Altruism

Andrea Caradonna    Devin Clarke    Nathanael German    Noemie Mazare    Thomas Tawse