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Prof Dallas Swallow

Prof Dallas Swallow

Emeritus Professor of Human Genetics

Genetics, Evolution & Environment

Div of Biosciences

Joined UCL
1st Oct 2011

Research summary

My long term research interest has been concerned with human individuality, its origins and significance in health and disease, in particular in relation to function,  with a recent focus on gene regulatory regions.  I have experience and knowledge of the gastrointestinal  and respiratory epithelia. My research covers molecular and population genetics, and genetic epidemiology and has included research on lactase persistence as a major topic, and also mucins,  inflammatory pathways, Crohns disease and population pharmacogenetics.  I no longer run a 'Wet Lab' but continue actively with collaborative and 'Dry Lab' research.

Teaching summary

As an Emeritus Professor I do not have a teaching role but give occasional lectures and advice to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.


I graduated initially as a Zoologist and was supervised by H.G. 'Mick' Callan (of Lambrush Chromosome fame) for my fourth year project in St Andrews University.  I always had a strong interest in Genetics which was encouraged in that environment, and my interest in human disease led me study for my PhD under Harry Harris in UCL.  My initial research was on lysosomal enzymes and lysosomal storage disease.  Later on I explored variability of non-enzymatic proteins and was the first to describe the great genetic variability of mucins. My group developed many monoclonal antibodies to these proteins and to the intestinal brush border enzymes that became another major interest.  For many years this was funded by the MRC.  My publications reflect the wide range of international collaborations I have had over the years and the successful EU funding, where I led or took part in Consortia on Mucins, and Milk and Lactase persistence.