UCL Division of Biosciences

Dr Pam Houston

Dr Pam Houston

Associate Professor (Teaching)

Neuro, Physiology & Pharmacology

Div of Biosciences

Joined UCL
11th Jul 2005

Research summary

My research focused has always been Endocrinology, from my undergraduate studies until I became a Teaching Fellow at UCL. My expertise covers molecular regulation and identification of hormones and their receptors, in particular within the CNS. I researched single transmembrane domain receptors such as the Growth Hormone Receptor and Leptin Receptors. I also studied the role of Ghrelin, its receptors and their role in food intake. As a Teaching Fellow, I teach my research interests and beyond across many spheres of physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry and neuroscience within the Life Sciences and Medicine.

Teaching summary

I teach on a range of Life Sciences and Medical School undergraduate courses including:

  • PHOL1001/2 Mammalian Physiology
  • PHOL2001 Animal and Human Physiology: Integrative Physiology
  • BIOC2002 Essential Protein Structure and Function
  • PHAR3008 Psychopharmacology
  • MBBS Year 1 Foundations of Health and Medical Practice
  • MBBS Year 1 Circulation and Breathing
  • MBBS Year 2 Endocrine Systems, and Reproduction
  • MBBS Year 2 Movement and Musculoskeletal Biology
Teaching Management:

Medical School roles for the MBBS programme-

  • Liaison Tutor MBBS/Faculty of Life Sciences
  • Deputy Academic Lead Year One
  • Lead for Foundation of Health and Medical Practice
  • Lead for Endocrine Systems, and Reproduction
Faculty of Life Sciences roles-

  • BSc Biomedical Sciences Deputy Degree Programme Tutor
  • BSc Biomedical Sciences Admissions Tutor
  • BSc Biomedical Sciences Year One Tutor
  • Liaison Tutor for Human Sciences BSc
  • Deputy lead for PHOL1001/2 Mammalian Physiology
Previous management roles include-
  • Chair of the Exam Board (Biomedical Sciences 2007/2008)
  • Programme Tutor Biomedical Sciences BSc (2007-2010)
  • Chair of the Steering Committee Biomedical Sciences BSc (2007-2010)
  • Director of Studies
  • Lead PHOL1001/2 Mammalian Physiology
  • Lead MBBS Year 2 Reproduction, Development and Genetics.


Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
Other Postgraduate qualification (including professional), Certificate of Advanced Study in Learning and Teaching | 2005
St. Hugh's College, Oxford
Doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy | 1993
University of Glasgow
First Degree, Bachelor of Science (Honours) | 1989


I am a Principal Teaching Fellow within the Division of Biosciences. I obtained my BSc Honours in Animal Developmental Biology from the University of Glasgow (1989), and my DPhil in Physiological Sciences in the Department of Human Anatomy, University of Oxford (1992). I became a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Imperial College, but then relocated with the laboratory to the University of Bristol with Professor Stafford Lightman and Dr Andy Levy (1992). In 1996, I was invited to join the Division of Molecular Endocrinology at the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), Mill Hill London. In 2001, I was headhunted to the Department of Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience, Imperial College London as a Governers' Lecturer. In 2005 I was awarded a Certificate of Advanced Study in Learning and Teaching from Imperial College, I became a HEA fellow and took up a teaching position within the Physiology Department at UCL, now the Division of Biosciences. I split my time between Biosciences and the Medical School. I am the deputy lead for year one, and module lead for year one Foundations of Health and Medical Practice and year two Endocrine Systems and Reproduction.