Student Experience and Testimonials

"Before visiting UCL I was uncertain about which career path to take. I had tried to keep a balance of humanities and sciences in my A-level subjects to keep my options open, but I felt I needed some direction. When I visited UCL, I was immediately impressed by the exceptional facilities and the exciting atmosphere in the laboratory. Then, I was fortunate enough to meet leading scientists and pHD students and get first-hand experience of the kind of work that they do. I learnt about their journeys towards achieving their career ambitions and also saw scientific experiments which brought alive some aspects of what I had been learning about in my Biology lessons at St. Marylebone's Sixth Form. I was so inspired and encouraged by everyone I met there. It was such a welcoming, relaxed environment, and it would be an idyllic place for any aspiring scientist to study for a university degree."

Rosalind Di Traglia, Lower Sixth Form, St Marylebone's

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