UCL Division of Biosciences


Organs and Systems

Years two and three modules.

At the end of year two, students have option to transfer to another specialised degree in the Faculty of Life Sciences e.g Immunology, MSci Cell Biology.*
*Transferring to another degree programme is conditional to specific requirements of each degree programme and UKVI visa requirements.

Modules Year Two


Human Anatomy and Embryology (Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis) and/or


CoreANAT0006 Human Anatomy and Embryology (Head, Neck and Limbs) 15
CorePHOL0003 Animal and Human Physiology: Integrative Physiology15

Writing and Presenting Bioscience

CoreSTAT0021Introductory Statistical Methods and Computing15
Highly recommendedANAT0002Developmental Neurobiology15
Highly recommendedBIOC0007Essential Molecular Biology15
Highly recommendedBIOL0008Fundamentals of Molecular Biology15
Highly recommendedBIOL0013The Biology of Development15
Highly recommendedINIM0005Immunology15
Highly recommendedPHOL0004Systems Neuroscience15
Highly recommendedPHOL0005Structure and Function of Nervous Systems15
Highly recommendedPHAR0007Introductory Pharmacology15
RecommendedANAT0003Human Neuroanatomy15
RecommendedPSYC0039Introduction to Psychology for Biologists15


Essential Cellular Neurophysiology*

Module prerequisite: PHOL0005


Modules Year Three

Students must take either a Laboratory-based Research Project (45 credits) or a Library-based Research Project (30 credits). ANAT0015Advanced Research Project in Cell and Developmental Biology45
 CELL0005Advanced Investigative Project in Cell and Developmental Biology30
 BIOC0021Advanced Investigative Project in Molecular Biosciences30
 BIOL0018Advanced Investigative Project in Biological Sciences30
 PHOL0013Advanced Investigative Project in Physiology30
 PHOL0014Advanced Research Project in Physiology45
 NEUR0001Advanced Research Project in Neuroscience45
 NEUR0002Advanced Investigative Project in Neuroscience30
 PHAR0016Advanced Investigative Project in Pharmacology30
 PHAR0017Advanced Research Project in Pharmacology45
 BIOL0019Advanced Research Project in Biological Sciences45
Choose optional modules to the value of either 75 or 90 credits depending on your chosen project Select from a wide range of optional modules in your chosen stream of study and from other approved disciplines within UCL 

For information on entry requirements, fees, how to apply and much more visit the BSc Biomedical Sciences Prospectus Page.

BSc Biomedical Sciences Prospectus Page