UCL Division of Biosciences


sLoLa PostDoc Research Assistants Start at CLOE

4 June 2021

Awarded in October 2020, this £3 million strategic Long and Large (sLoLa) grant cover three PDRA positions over 5 years. We welcome Dr Feixue Liu and Dr Joana Xavier as they begin their research on the origins of life.


The award was featured on BBSRC News as one of ‘four ground-breaking new projects set to expand the frontiers of bioscience knowledge’. 

The Co-Is behind this award have all collaborated previously through CLOE and are Prof Andrew Pomiankowski (GEE), Prof Nick Lane (GEE), Dr Amandine Marechal (SMB), Prof Finn Werner (SMB), Prof Jo Santini (SMB), Prof Beppe Battaglia (Chemistry), Prof Nicolas Szita (Biochem Eng), Dr Stefanie Frank (Biochem Eng) and Prof John Ward (Biochem Eng).