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Congratulations to CDB's Amoyel and Fernandes labs on their LEAF award

13 August 2021

The Amoyel and Fernandes lab were jointly awarded a LEAF silver award for their efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their labs. LEAF (Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework) is a tool developed at UCL to help the sustainability and efficiency of laboratories.

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LEAF is now available for any research institution looking to improve their sustainability, including outside of the UK. If you are interested in taking part, write LEAF@ucl.ac.uk for an introduction and information on how to get involved.

UCL Staff & Students may access LEAF using their UCL ID and password. For a LEAF user guide, contact LEAF@ucl.ac.uk.

Contact Martin Farley to:

  • Request a short-talk on how to use LEAF, or request written guidance
  • Join our Sustainable Labs Teams site for updates regarding sustainable laboratories by writing Martin Farley to be added to the network.
  • Ask any other query regarding sustainability in your laboratories