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NPP Dr Paola Vergani's publication in Journal of Biological Chemistry

16 October 2020

Dr Paola Vergani's lab news and recent publication

A publication from Dr Paola Vergani's lab in the Journal of Biological Chemistry  'Fluorescence assay for simultaneous quantification of CFTR ion-channel function and plasma membrane proximityhttps://www.jbc.org/content/early/2020/09/15/jbc.RA120.014061.abstract is picked up by the Cystic Fibrosis Trust https://www.cysticfibrosis.org.uk/news/what-a-glow-can-reveal.   Celebration as well to former PhD student Stella Prins for successfully defending her viva on "Can two wrongs make a right? Investigating F508del-CFTR rescue with second-site mutations using a new fluorescence assay for high content CFTR screening" .  All best wishes as well to former postdoc Emily Cuttings (nee Langron, now Research Manager at the charity Ataxia UK) who is expecting her first child. "