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Prof Sandip Patel’s lab publishes review article in Current Opinion in Physiology

9 December 2020

Two-pore channels as master regulators of membrane trafficking and endocytic well-being

Sandip Patel

Kristin Vassileva, a joint PhD student in the Patel (CDB) and Marsh (LMCB) labs reviews work on two-pore channels in membrane trafficking.

Abstract: Two-pore channels (TPCs) are a ubiquitous class of Ca2+- and Na+-permeable ion channels expressed within the endo-lysosomal system. They have emerged as central regulators of a wide array of physiological processes intimately linked to information processing. In this short review, we highlight how molecular and chemical strategies have uncovered multiple roles for TPCs in regulating various aspects of endo-lysosomal trafficking associated with disease. We summarise advances in the identification of new small molecules to pharmacologically target TPCs for medical benefit. Lastly, we discuss possible underpinning molecular mechanism(s) that translate TPC-mediated ionic fluxes to function.

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