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Inspirational Women: UCL Scientists Take to the Platform at Soapbox Science 2019

22 May 2019

Soapbox Science UK launch, Saturday 25 May 2019, Gabriel’s Wharf, Southbank, London 2.00pm - 5.00pm


Founded and co-ordinated by scientists at ZSL (Zoological Society of London) and UCL (University College London), the Soapbox Science global series of free events sees expert scientists leave the lab and take to the streets to share their work at a series of open-air talks. Inspired by Hyde Park’s famous Speaker’s Corner, these talks encourage dialogue between scientists and the public, as well as inspire the next gen-eration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) researchers.


Kicking off its ninth year in London on Saturday 25 May, the city’s Southbank will be transformed into an arena for learning and debate, engaging people from all walks of life with some of the UK’s most ground-breaking scientific research.

The event series is sponsored by UCL which supports the mission of Soapbox Science to promote the amazing discoveries made by remarkable women in science. UCL was the first university in England to admit women on equal terms with men and has a long history of championing independent thought by attracting and nurturing the world's best minds.

The inaugural event will feature 12 speakers from celebrated institutions across the UK, covering every-thing from quantum-powered engines to Alzheimer’s research. From UCL, four inspirational women sci-entists will step-up to the soapbox to take the microphone. Their subject areas will include preventing childhood blindness, new medicine types for nail infections, research methods for sexual health and a new Alzheimer’s hypothesis.

Here Dr Lola Solebo explains what she will be talking about when she takes steps up on the soapbox...


Here Dr Sudax Murdan explains her research into different types of medicines for nail infections for her Soapbox moment…


Here Dr Danielle Soloman explains the methods of research into sexual health that she will be exploring on her soapbox…


And here Professor Frances Edwards, explains that she will be talking about her new Alzheimer’s disease hypothesis: Connecting the dots in Alzheimer’s disease; it takes two to tangle. 


This year, Soapbox Science will take place in 20 cities across the UK and 13 countries around the world – including in Brazil, Argentina, Ghana, Nigeria & South Africa for the first time - making it the biggest event to date.
For more information on Soapbox Science and to find a full list of speakers at the London event, visit:
The London Soapbox Science event will take place on Saturday 25 May at Gabriel’s Wharf, Southbank, 2pm – 5pm. The event is sponsored byZSL (Zoological Society of London), UCL (Uni-versity College London), the L’Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science programme and Overleaf. For a full list of the speakers and further details, visit: http://soapboxscience.org/soapbox-science-2019-london/

UK & Ireland Soapbox Science events:
25 May                 Aberdeen
1 June                  Brighton
8 June                  Reading
15 June                Canterbury
22 June                Swansea
29 June                Belfast
                             Milton Keynes
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Dates for Soapbox Science events in Norwich and Sheffield will be confirmed soon at www.soapboxscience.org                           
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22 Sept   Toronto (Canada)
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23 Nov    Lagos (Nigeria)
Soapbox Science
Soapbox Science (www.soapboxscience.org) is an initiative that aims to promote the visibility and boost career prospects of female scientists through the establishment of grass-roots, annual public engage-ment of science events; in addition to making an active contribution to changing academic cultures, social norms and public perception of science careers. 
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