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How drug resistant TB evolved and spread globally

19 October 2018

Genetics, Evolution and Environment

The most common form of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) originated in Europe and spread to Asia, Africa and the Americas with European explorers and colonialists, reveals a new study led by UCL and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

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Read full paper: Global expansion of Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineage 4 shaped by colonial migration and local adaptation
Authors: Ola B. Brynildsrud, Caitlin S. Pepperell, Philip Suffys, Louis Grandjean, Johana Monteserin, Nadia Debech, Jon Bohlin, Kristian Alfsnes, John O.-H. Pettersson, Ingerid Kirkeleite, Fatima Fandinho, Marcia Aparecida da Silva, Joao Perdigao, Isabel Portugal, Miguel Viveiros, Taane Clark, Maxine Caws, Sarah Dunstan, Phan Vuong Khac Thai, Beatriz Lopez, Viviana Ritacco, Andrew Kitchen, Tyler S. Brown, Dick van Soolingen, Mary B. O'Neill, Kathryn E. Holt, Edward J. Feil, Barun Mathema, Francois Balloux and Vegard Eldholm.
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