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Artificial muscles study led by the Tedesco lab promise to speed up testing of treatments for muscular dystrophies

11 May 2018

The study, published in Cell Reports, found that 3D artificial muscles can be generated from both healthy and diseased stem cells of patients with different types of severe muscle disorders.

The artificial muscles accurately model severe genetic muscle diseases, which will allow scientists to test different types of therapies on human cells that embody the characteristics of the patients.

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Read full paper: Three-Dimensional Human iPSC-Derived Artificial Skeletal Muscles Model Muscular Dystrophies and Enable Multilineage Tissue Engineering
Authors:  Sara Martina Maffioletti, Shilpita Sarcar, Alexander B.H. Henderson, Ingra Mannhardt, Luca Pinton, Louise Anne Moyle, Heather Steele-Stallard, Ornella Cappellari, Kim E. Wells, Giulia Ferrari, Jamie S. Mitchell, Giulia E. Tyzack, Vassilios N. Kotiadis, Moustafa Khedr, Martina Ragazzi, Weixin Wang, Michael R. Duchen, Rickie Patani, Peter S. Zammit, Dominic J. Wells, Thomas Eschenhagen, Francesco Saverio Tedesco