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New paper by the Gems lab throws new light on senescence causes

10 August 2018

The study, published in Current Biology and funded by Wellcome, shows that normal biological processes which are useful early on in life, continue to 'run-on' pointlessly in later life causing age-related diseases.

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Read full paper: C. elegans eats its own intestine to make yolk leading to multiple senescent pathologies
Authors: Marina Ezcurra, Alexandre Benedetto, Thanet Sornda, Ann F.Gilliat, Catherine Au, Qifeng Zhang, Sophie van Schelt, Alexandra L. Petrache, Hongyuan Wang, Yila de la Guardia, Shoshana Bar- Nun, Eleanor Tyler, Michael J. Wakelam, David Gems
See commentary in Science, M. Leslie, 9 August 2018
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