UCL Division of Biosciences


2013/14 Series

10 January 2017

Date Speaker Title 25 June

kent.ac.uk/bio/profiles/staff/tuite.html" target="_self">Mick Tuite
University of Kent
Host:  Jurg Bahler   4 June Gáspár Jékely
Tuebingen MPG
Host: Max Telford Systems neurobiology of the Platynereis ciliated larva

Friday 30 May
4.30pm start time
Nathan Tublitz
University of Oregon
Host:  Paola Oliveri
A spineless tale: Those amazing Cephalopods
21 May

Drew Purves
Microsoft Research,Cambridge

Host:  CBER

  7 May
Lars Chittka
Host:  Andrew Pomiankowsk
Are bigger brains better?

2 April

Note:  1pm start time

Adam Antebi
Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing Cologne
Host:  Lazaros Foukas
Hexosamine pathway metabolites enhance protein quality control and prolong life
26 March Dave Clayton
Host: Judith Mank
Genomic integration of perceptual and social experience in songbirds 19 March Katie Peichel
(Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle)
Host: Judith Mank Fishing for the secrets of vertebrate evolution: genetics of adaptation and speciation in sticklebacks 12 March Ralf Stanewsky
Host:IHA Sensory systems and molecular mechanisms involved in synchronizing the Drosophila circadian clock

5 March

NOTE:  This seminar will be at 4.30pm

Tobias Warnecke
(MRC-Clinical Sciences Centre, Imperial)
Host: Max Reuter
Assessing the role of epigenetic features in genetic evolution
26 February
Jochen Rink
(Max Plank Institute, Dresden)
Host: Max Telford
Flatworm regeneration- why some can while others can't
19 February
Cathie Martin
(John Innes, Norwich)
Host: Jurg Bahler
The benefits of a colourful diet: developing the science behind five-a-day

12 February

Start time @ 4pm

Darwin's Birthday
Laurent Lehmann
(University of Lausanne) and David Haig (Harvard University)
Hosts: Andrew Pomiankowski and Austin Burt
 rb>c@50 -The Golden Anniversary of Hamilton's Rule

Abstracts 29 January
Nick Furnham
(London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine)
Host: Christophe Dessimoz
Large-Scale Analysis Of Enzyme Evolution: Analysing Changes In Enzyme Chemistry With Changes in Protein Sequence and Structure
22 January
Annual Huxley lecture: Tim Coulson
(University of Oxford)
Host: Jon Bielby (IoZ)
Eco-evolutionary dynamics and the rediscovery of soft selection
15 January
Chris Norbury
(Univeristy of Oxford)
Host: Jurg Bahler
RNA 3' end modifications in cancer development
27 November Medawar Lecture
Paul Barrett
(Natural History Museum)
Host: LERN Dinosaurs in the Twenty-First Century: new life from old bones 20 November
James Rosindell
(Imperial College)
Host: David Redding
Ecological Neutral Theory: Madness or Misunderstood?
19 November
Note: (Tuesday at 1830 - 2100hrs)

17th Annual Grant Lecture
Paul Upchurch
Fossils, climate change and the future of life on Earth 13 November
Campbell Gourlay
University of Kent

Host: Jurg Bahler
Mitochondria and the cytoskeleton - matters of life and death in the face of stress 30 October
Franck Courchamp
(Univ Paris-Sud)
Host: Ben Collen
Interactions between climate change and biological invasions
23 October
Ellen Nollen
Host: Lazaros Foukas
Modifying toxicity of aggregation-prone proteins in aging and age-related diseases
16 October
Ted Morrow
(University of Sussex)
Host: Max Reuter
Why sexually antagonistic genes are bad for you
9 October
Dave Lunt
(University of Hull)
Host: Daniel Jeffares
The comparative genomics of 'ancient asexuality' and hybridisation in root knot nematodes