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CDB Barnes Lab has paper published in PLOS Computational Biology on Modelling DNA Damage

24 October 2016

CDB Logo ucl.ac.uk/iris/browse/profile?upi=CPBAR18" target="_self">Dr Chris Barnes's Computational Systems & Synthetic Biology Lab in CDB has had a paper published in PLOS Computational Biology, entitled "Mechanistic Modelling and Bayesian Inference Elucidates the Variable Dynamics of Double-Strand Break Repair". The paper outlines the lab's important work on modelling DNA damage.

DNA double-strand breaks occur during metabolism, DNA replication and by exposure to exogenous sources such as ionising radiation. Multiple mechanisms of DNA repair are known to exist, however, the subtleties of how they are activated and their interactions are yet to be fully determined. We used a combination of Bayesian statistics and mathematical modelling to elucidate the network dynamics governing the repair of double strand breaks over time in different knock-out cell lines. We found that three major repair processes dominate the dynamics and one of which, called alternative end joining, demonstrates variable dynamics dependent on the levels of recruitment proteins. More importantly, our results highlight how analyzing data within a mathematical framework provides a means to extract mechanistic information about complex biological systems.

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