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Circuits and Systems Neuroscience

Research in the Circuits and Systems laboratories in the department focuses on understanding the fundamental mechanisms of circuit and system function and how it contributes to emerging behaviours in health and disease. Laboratories use a combination of cutting-edge optical, genetic, pharmacological and electrophysiological techniques to measure and manipulate brain activity from a variety of cell-types to dissect and interrogate the circuit function.


Common methodological approaches are used in the department to investigate a number of different themes, including sensory systems, hippocampal function, metabolic and cardiovascular physiology, neuroplasticity and learning, and pain. These systems are investigated during development, in adulthood and in ageing, and in different model systems, including rodents and zebrafish, as well as in humans.


These laboratories share common goals of understanding the structure and function of circuits in the brain, how they change and how they underpin behaviour.

Major Themes Include:

  • Cardiovascular and Metabolic Neurophysiology
  • Synaptic and Circuit Correlates of Behaviour
  • Sensory neuroscience
  • Developmental Biology
  • Neuroplasticity and Learning
  • Physiology of Pain

People involved in this research theme:

Recent Papers

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