Please note that this is a provisional list. The selection of modules will not be made until the start of the course. Advice will be given by the Subject Tutors on selection taking into account the interest of the student, relevance to the Research Project and the previous academic experience of the student. Some modules may be appropriate for more than one subject stream.

Stem Cells and Developmental Biology - Taught module

Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

Mechanisms of Development

Developmental Biology

Subject Stream Tutors

Prof Stephen Price tel +44 20 7679 3884  (x33884 internal)

Research Interests

Please note that you only choose your Research Project at the start of the course following advice from the subject tutor. The information given here is just to give you a "flavour" of the options and for you to think about the topic that particularly interests you.


The research performed at UCL in developmental biology uses many different vertebrate and invertebrate model organisms. Most research is based at the cellular and molecular level employing gene manipulations followed by the assessment of the effects of these perturbation on cell fate, morphology, gene expression and behaviour. Often, cutting edge imaging techniques are applied to these studies in order to understand at high resolution the cellular and molecular processes that underpin the formation of a whole organ or animal from one single cell, the fertilised egg. Below is a small sample of previous projects that students have undertaken. However, the Stem Cell and Developmental Biology community at UCL is very large and so students are encouraged to look through the following websites to see the kinds of research that we are doing in this amazing field.

UCL Centre for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

Cell & Developmental Biology

Examples of previous projects:

“Environmental modulation of neural stem cell Behaviour”

“Investigation of stem cells in drug-resistant epilepsy in childhood”

“Cell migration during embryo development: neural crest as a model for cell invasion”

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