Please note that this is a provisional list. The selection of modules will not be made until the start of the course. Advice will be given by the Subject Tutors on selection taking into account the interest of the student, relevance to the Research Project and the previous academic experience of the student. Some modules may be appropriate for more than one subject stream.

Genetics - Taught Modules (Select one from the following)

Genes to Disease

Advanced Human Genetics 1: Research Principles

Human Genetics in Context

Cancer Biology

Genetics of Cardiovascular and Related Complex Diseases

Subject Stream Tutor

Prof Steve Wilson tel +44 20 7679 3348 (x33348 internal)

Research Interests

Throughout the Division of Biosciences, UCL, which includes the Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment and the UCL Genetics Institute, there is great strength in genetics research both in the field of human genetics and in model systems.   For instance, the Institute of healthy aging is using a variety of animal models including worms and flies to study the genetic contributions to a long and healthy lifespan.   The Division also hosts researchers using zebrafish to study the genetic basis of brain development and function and many investigators studying genes and genomes in an evolutionary context.   We also have strength in computational approaches to genes, gene regulation and genomes in health and disease.

Example links:
Institute of healthy ageing
UCL Genetics Institure
UCL Zebrafish

Example Project Titles:

Regulators of Asymmetric Neurogenesis in C. elegans

Genetic analyses of novel mutations causing ciliopathy phenotypes

Genetic analysis of the role of an orphan receptor, Ahr1b, in morphogenesis of the choroid fissure of the eye

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