Please note that this is a provisional list. The selection of modules will not be made until the start of the course. Advice will be given by the Subject Tutors on selection taking into account the interest of the student, relevance to the Research Project and the previous academic experience of the student. Some modules may be appropriate for more than one subject stream.

Computational Biology - Taught modules (Select one from the following)

BIOCG010: Computational and Systems Biology : In Silico Analysis of Genes and Proteins and their Biological Roles

Subject Stream Tutors

Prof Ziheng Yang FRS tel +44 20 7679 4379 (x34379 internal)

Research Interests

Please note that you only choose your Research Project at the start of the course following advice from the subject tutor. The information given here is just to give you a "flavour" of the options and for you to think about the topic that particularly interests you.


A number of research groups in UCL use mathematical and computational techniques to address fundamental problems in genetics, evolution, physiology, and many other areas of biological science.  Modern computation-intensive statistical methods such as likelihood and Bayesian analyses involving Monte Carlo simulations are commonly used to model biological phenomenon as are more general bioinformatic methods including molecular phylogenetics, evolutionary genetics, species origination and extinction, genome-wide association studies to map human disease genes, comparative genomics, structural genomics, neuro-image analysis, etc.  The Computational Biology community at UCL is large and varied, so students are encouraged to look through the following websites to see the kinds of research that we are doing in this amazing field.

Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment

Department of Structural and Molecular Biology

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