Please note that this is a provisional list. The selection of modules will not be made until the start of the course. Advice will be given by the Subject Tutors on selection taking into account the interest of the student, relevance to the Research Project and the previous academic experience of the student. Some modules may be appropriate for more than one subject stream.

Biotechnology - Taught modules (Select one of the following)

Computational and Systems Biology: In Silico analysis of Genes and Proteins and their Biological Roles

The Molecular Basis of Cellular Regulation

Cellular Regulation in Biotechnology, Health and Disease

Subject Stream Tutor

Prof Ivan Gout, tel +44 20 7679 4482 (x34482 internal)

Research Interests

Please note that you only choose your Research Project at the start of the course following advice from the subject tutor. The information given here is just to give you a "flavour" of the options and for you to think about the topic that particularly interests you.


Recent advances in genetics and genome projects in microorganisms, plants and animals offer huge potential benefits on every aspect of human life, including healthcare, agriculture and the environment, through the development of novel therapeutic and diagnostic approaches, the enhancement of food production and increasing biodiversity. The contribution of biotechnology, which is one of the most rapidly growing fields within applied biosciences, to the health and economic prosperity is immense and constantly growing.

The Division of Biosciences is well placed to exploit emerging research opportunities in the field of biotechnology. A wide variety of active research programs embark on generating transgenic organisms, production of recombinant proteins in various expression systems, structure/function analysis and the development of novel drugs and healthcare products. The links below represent just a few examples of research topics in the field of biotechnology.

Successful candidates will have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge in modern biotechnology and to gain hands-on research experience in diverse techniques and methodologies, including molecular cloning, expression and affinity purification of recombinant proteins, molecular modeling and docking, confocal microscopy, DNA microarrays and mass spectrometry.

Professor Ivan Gout

Professor Elizabeth Shephard

Professor Jeremy Brockes

Dr Geraint Thomas

Example Project titles include:

A - Structure and function of the TIG 1 tumor-suppressor protein analysed in cell culture

B - The use of DNA microarrays to study the role of S6Ks in the regulation of transcription.

C - Creation of a luminescent GTP level sensor for use in living cells.

D - Production of recombinant proteins for studies of cell signalling

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